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                                              STAY WITH ME exhibition, China by JOY SEASON Studio

                                              An exhibition for 100 chairs in the emotional blue

                                              BKRK BAKERY by BC architects

                                              Renovation of a heritage barn in the Provincial domain of Bokrijk, Belgium, into a sourdough bakery, within the framework of the BKRK program on contemporary craftsmanship

                                              Friends and Frames Optical Store by Isora+Lozuraityte studio for architecture

                                              Reminiscence of the historical urbanistic image.

                                              La casa de Cathy by A Lentil Design

                                              Sweet but not greasy special house

                                              Continuation ? Grayscale by Create+Think Design Studio

                                              The beauty of a deserted loneliness

                                              WAVE in Fuzhou, China by EAST TO WEST Design

                                              Graceful space in simple and beautiful forms.

                                              Hong Kong West Kowloon Station by Andrew Bromberg at Aedas

                                              A new gateway to Mainland China

                                              Ribo Fashion Group Zhimei Research and Development Center in Shanghai, China by A3 VISION

                                              Simple motivation and beliefs

                                              Tennis Terraces by GRAS arquitectos

                                              A series of terraces are carved in the hill to create a natural stone stadium, a sort of “XXI century Greek Epidaurus tennis theatre”.

                                              Colegio Nuestra Se?ora de Lourdes by Picado-De Blas Arquitectos

                                              To introduce ecological concepts in schools with very low cost

                                              Kunsthaus Zürich by David Chipperfield Architects Berlin

                                              To form a ‘gateway to the arts’on Heimplatz in Zurich’s city centre

                                              INS – LOUNGE BAR in Qinghai, China by JASON CHAN

                                              Seeking harmony in contradiction.

                                              HuaShan Tin by Taipei Base Design Center

                                              A design style hotel that carries both cultural creativity and artistic elements

                                              gooood book “Demain: un nouveau monde en marche”

                                              (Only Chinese)What should we do, if we witness the end of the world?

                                              Charlotte by PA Patisserie in Wuxi, China by MET Creative Brand

                                              Keep quiet in noisy

                                              Jijia Village Compound, China by DESHIN Architecture & Planning

                                              A Rural Dwelling Space for Citizens- Jijia Compound

                                              gooood archive: “Guangdong” NO.2 (2017-2018)

                                              Selected projects in Guangdong, China in 2017-2018

                                              gooood archive: “Shanghai” NO.2 (2012-2018)

                                              Selected projects in Shanghai, China in 2012-2018