CO/RE collection for Lost & Found

                                              To explore the possibility of modern aesthetics

                                              gooood book “Demain: un nouveau monde en marche”

                                              (Only Chinese)What should we do, if we witness the end of the world?

                                              RENAISSANCE -HONGU 18AW WINDOW, China by Tomshi & Associates

                                              A place which the all-mighty god may lie in.

                                              751 International Design Festival Opens during Beijing Design Week 2018

                                              “Delicious Design”

                                              PEK-MEX: from the Middle Kingdom to the Middle of the Moon exhibition by MSTDI

                                              Interactive Exhibition brings Beijing and Mexico City closer than ever

                                              ICD Aggregate Pavilion 2018 by ICD University of Stuttgart

                                              To explore the construction of spatial enclosures made from designed granular materials

                                              CHINA HOUSE VISION No. 8 Pavilion by Crossboundaries

                                              Infinite Living

                                              Visual Identity Design for Hydro by Sn?hetta

                                              Developed to communicate Hydro’s new global market position while also uniting the company’s 35 000 employees worldwide

                                              Set design for Compagnie De Provence by 13g

                                              Products immersed to a graphic universe

                                              Symbiosis – Works Exhibition of Furniture Design and Regional Cultural in Beijing Design Week 2018

                                              Living scene in Hutong houses with special designed furniture.

                                              ALPHABET by Kellenberger-White

                                              letters create city playgrounds

                                              tsumiki by nendo

                                              branding project for a new form of an investment trust

                                              “hasu” and “handle-flower” for Sèvres by nendo

                                              Design for the traditional French porcelain manufacturer founded in 1740

                                              gooood book <THE 100-YEAR LIFE> Living and Working in an Age of Longevity

                                              (Only Chinese) If we all live to be 100 years old, what should we do with our lives and work?

                                              AURA VASES by Alejandra Perini

                                              weld seams create an aura effect

                                              Valerie objects by nendo

                                              X-ray reflection skeleton image for tableware design

                                              Overseas NO.78: Ji Shi

                                              The No.78 episode is about Ji Shi who graduated from Princeton University and is now working for KVA MATx

                                              gooood book <Shanghai Modern Architecture>

                                              (Only Chinese) Shanghai architecture from modern to contemporary