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                                              风景与朝向 | Scenery and orientation


                                              Located in the experimental nursery area of the Qinling National Botanical Garden, the expert apartment is an accommodation building for botanists to conduct field research. To the north of the site, the building is separated from Round Hill Road by a green buffer zone. Further north, it is the Central Shaanxi Plain with fields and path. To the south of the site, the sight cross gentle land of nearby village. About one kilometer, a range of mountain climbs steeply, and lies in front of you. It seems to be a long scroll of Chinese painting, stacked in layers, slowly extending and paved in front of eyes.

                                              ▼场地鸟瞰,aerial view


                                              Regardless of orientation and scenery, the key view of the site is to face south. Therefore, the building is taken as a viewfinder, and each major space owns the southern scenery, which is a solid design strategy that we arrived site in the first time. How does the building see and be seen in such a beautiful natural environment? It became the question for our next thoughts.

                                              ▼越过环山路,建筑的北侧是田陌相间的关中平原,Site view from south to north

                                              ▼越过村庄的平坦地,秦岭北麓的起伏山峦横亘在眼前 Site view from north to south


                                              形态的生成 | Morphogenesis


                                              The expert apartment has three floors. At the first and second floors, it is separated by three independent boxes with same size. The program of each boxes consists of eight individual dwelling units with balconies. The opening of facade faces south to ensure that each space has a southern scenery and daylight. However, boxes rotate slightly in different direction, which brings nuances of view. Scenery, in some way, is also different. The three boxes are connected on the second floor by a traffic corridor. And the corridor is two-way transparent, bringing a two-way scenery between the north and south.

                                              ▼设计概念,concept diagram


                                              On top of those boxes, the third floor is a long folded volume that connects the buildings together. The Inside of long folded volume is a public space, and the south façade of volume is fixed by a floor-to-ceiling glazing where experts can dine, drink tea and enjoy the long scroll of scenery. The long volume attaches to the north, so the roof of three boxes remains on the south side. Naturally, the remaining of three roofs become open terrace for the public space. Due to position of higher place, the view is almost unobstructed.

                                              ▼建筑南向外观,south facade

                                              ▼南向的外立面设置落地的玻璃窗,the south façade of volume is fixed by a floor-to-ceiling glazing

                                              ▼建筑北向外观,view from the north


                                              The scenery of the Qinling Mountains is solid, but the orientation, height and length of the viewing are different, which brings a different scenery experience. The expert apartment completed its morphogenesis as a viewfinder.

                                              ▼建筑夜景,night view


                                              材料与构造 | Material and construction


                                              The choice of facade materials is still a continuation of concept of the viewfinder. Silver metal panel is used to wrap entire building. The expert apartment looks like a temporary installation that gently touch the ground as if it could be removed at any time. Horizontal lines of metal panel façade weakens the visual height of the building. In the detail, the construction of hidden nails also strengthens overall sense of the whole building.

                                              ▼建筑外部包覆着银色金属波纹板,silver metal panel is used to wrap entire building

                                              ▼波纹板搭接处隐钉的构造方式加强了建筑的整体感, the construction of hidden nails also strengthens overall sense of the whole building

                                              ▼形态、材料、风景和人的关系,relationship among people, form, material and scenery


                                              结语 | Conclusion


                                              The strategy of expert apartment design is to respond to two design elements of the site and function through a distinct concept. This distinct concept brings a succinct selection of spatial operations and material detail design. Furthermore, it ultimately brings an honest and readable building. For us, it is the answer to how does the building see and be seen in beautiful environment.

                                              ▼建筑与风景的关系,relationship between building and landscape

                                              ▼一层平面图,ground floor plan

                                              ▼二层和三层平面图,floor plan level 2 & 3



                                              Project Name:Expert Apartment
                                              Location:Qinling national botanical garden
                                              Design Period:03/2016-03/2017
                                              Construction Period:02/2017-02/2018
                                              Client:Qinling National Botanical Garden
                                              Team:Qili Yang, Yan Bai, Fang Li, Dong Wang, Wen Zhang, Marina, Qiaoqiao Ji
                                              Charge on Site:Dong Wang
                                              Photography:Chao Zhang

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