Family House in the Slope by masparti

                                              A extended form partially hidden underground stretching into the narrow garden

                                              Project Specs

                                              Design Firm:

                                              来自 masparti 对gooood的分享。更多关于他们:masparti on goooodAppreciation towards masparti for providing the following description:


                                              The site is located on a hill below the forest, almost at the end of the street. Building activity in this neighbourhood began in the inter-war period, when large villas of several floors were built. In the course of the following years the place became more dense as the original gardens were divided into smaller lots, where newer houses of smaller–scale started to appear.

                                              ▼建筑外观,exterior view

                                              ▼所有必需的功能空间均被包含在一个朝花园伸展的狭长体量当中,all needed spaces were included in one extended form stretching into the narrow garden

                                              ▼房子的一部分嵌入地下,入口位于二层,the house is partially hidden underground and the entrance is situated at the level of the upper floor

                                              ▼入口楼梯,entry way


                                              The house is designed on a plot which offers a view of the opposite forested slope. This view is preserved both for those entering the top end of the street from the forest, as well as for those who live on the opposite side of the street, as the height of the house is rather low. Still, as the house is extended further to the garden, it offers great views over Drahany Highlands stretching on the horizon.

                                              ▼住宅入口,entrance area


                                              ▼立面细部,facade detail


                                              We designed the house as low as possible from the street and as simple as possible in general, especially when it is rather complex since designed for a family of three generations; the house is partially hidden underground and all what was needed is included in one extended form stretching into the narrow garden. The entrance is situated at the level of the upper floor, where a garage for two cars and the larger apartment with terrace is situated. Smaller apartment is at the lower floor with direct entry to the garden.

                                              ▼客厅,living room

                                              ▼健身区,gym area

                                              ▼户外平台,outdoor terrace

                                              ▼厨房和餐厅区域,kitchen and dining area

                                              ▼室内细部,interior detailed view

                                              ▼用餐空间,dining area

                                              ▼走廊和楼梯间,corridor and stair

                                              ▼楼梯细部,stair detail

                                              ▼花园视角,exterior view from the garden


                                              ▼夜景,night view

                                              ▼场地平面图,site plan


                                              ▼平面图,floor plans

                                              ▼立面图和剖面图,elevations and section

                                              Architect:masparti / pavel martinka, ondřej spusta
                                              Contact e-mail:[email protected]
                                              Project location:Šternberk, Czech Republic
                                              Project year:06 /2013
                                              Completion year:2014 – 2017
                                              Project size:build area 190 m2, area netto 212 m2,
                                              Site size:Volume brutto 1300 m3, site area 630 m2
                                              Photo credits:Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice
                                              Collaborators:D. Lemák, R. Koiš / Statika Olomouc – structural design
                                              Products and brands
                                              PRECAST REINFORCED CONCRETE / structure,
                                              ETICS / facades,
                                              BLOCK / JANOŠÍK OKNA-DVEŘE / windows + doors,
                                              Marmoleum / FORBO / flooring, custom design

                                              More:masparti。更多关于他们:masparti on gooood

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