Celebrate classic style and keep the unique modern Wabi-Sabi

                                              Project Specs


                                              非常感谢 東形西見(联系方式:[email protected])予gooood的分享以下内容 。
                                              Appreciation towards EAST TO WEST (contact: [email protected]) for providing the following description:


                                              Two layers of single-family style buildings, a total area of 536 square meters, the Vatican several flagship store located in chengdu southwest characteristics in the Pacific Ocean. Is full of western sichuan style park slope roof and grille with large area be born glass curtain wall, integrating traditional and modern form, in the center of the city the importance of ci to build an open free space aesthetic experience.

                                              ▼开放自由的美学体验空间,space with free aesthetic


                                              Vatican several founder high gucci said he doesn’t want a few furniture became a kind of fashion, he wants a piece of furniture that can be used more than ten years or even decades. Wood is a life, a piece of furniture to grow old when rounded edge is ground, sleek, surface may have the years trace, there is a story of the time every detail. Designer also shoulder the traditional handicraft reflect value under the new form of design, so as to retain and inheriting our national unique process of responsibility.

                                              ▼店铺入口展示区域,display area at the entrance

                                              ▼狭长采光天窗的楼梯区域,stairs with long and narrow ceiling window

                                              ▼顶部渗透的阳光带来空间的晦明变化,light from the top ceiling creates shadow play inside


                                              While like paying homage, retains the unique “modern wabi-sabi” (wabi-sabi) do not pursue at first glance, it is after careful consideration, to numerous to Jane.While in the traditional “modern wabi-sabi” incorporating the characteristics of the modern design language, time sheen and pristine strength in contracted innovation environment is presented.Therefore, glass curtain wall shop can be seen everywhere in the collection of restoring ancient ways elements, after the vicissitudes of condole top, log wear shabby old floor and pillars.The feeling of the whole building is quiet simple and natural, can be seen everywhere in the space long-unseen element restoring ancient ways, through the vicissitudes of condole top, log wear shabby old floor and pillars, small window on the wall in a proper perspective projection come in a little light, you can be in that a beam of sunlight, see the dust float in the sky, and breath.

                                              ▼历经沧桑的原木吊顶,磨损破旧的老地板与老柱子,vicissitudes of condole top, log wear shabby old floor and pillars

                                              ▼空间带有一种独特的“现代侘寂”之感,space retains the unique “modern wabi-sabi”

                                              ▼墙上小窗在一个恰到好处的角度投射进来一点柔光,light comes through a small window on the wall in a proper perspective projection


                                              Ground in addition to using the old stone brick and wood floor, we will also chengdu local shop system, after three soil mixed by worker again pure manual a hammer, hammer, after two months, pounding ground tens of thousands of times, got the hard-won rammed earth ground in chengdu shop. After falling off walls slightly show more about coarse texture, reflecting sunlight reflected light on the ground, and the surrounding color, showing a cascading JianRan.

                                              ▼使用老木板地面的展示空间,display area with old wood floor

                                              ▼地面除了使用老石板砖与老木地板以外,还使用了传统工艺的夯土地面,besides old stone brick and wood floor,  hard-won rammed earth ground is also applied in this space


                                              Space and the space between the ups and downs, mutual connection and mutual interference, about allowing visitors to the taste, long, constantly changing scenes, like walking the winding hutongs, narrow alley.

                                              ▼内部空间如同蜿蜒的胡同,窄深的巷子,interior space looks like the winding hutongs, narrow alley

                                              二层的窗户贴上了宣纸,自然光被控制到刚好只照见过道,透过宣纸的光线与空间融合了,保持着一种感官上的平衡,空间尺度也更具趣味性,虽然空间小了, 但是与之互动性却增加很多,有些地方被压缩到刚好过一个人,亲密而又开放 ,在简单的结构划分中创造有思想的空间。

                                              Windows on the second floor with a rice paper, natural light to be controlled to just close corridor, only through the paper combines the light and space, maintained a sensual balance, space scale and more interesting, although the space is little, but with increased, the interaction of many, in some places is compressed to a person, just very close and open again, in the simple structure of thinking space.

                                              ▼二层的窗户贴上了宣纸,自然光被控制到刚好只照见过道,windows on the second floor with rice paper allow natural light just shine in the corridor territory

                                              ▼二层展示空间,display area on the second floor

                                              ▼顶部与侧边的窗户为空间提供不同角度的照明,windows on the top and floor side bring light at different angles

                                              ▼长桌家具展示区,table display area

                                              ▼墙面架子和摆设物品,the wall shelf and objects


                                              In the central position of store patio, not only make up for the problem of insufficient light between the original structure, at different times of the day, patio cast light also can let the store presents different tone changes.And on the use of lamplight, we only choose the weaker point light source and the auxiliary light of linear, through the use of light control and block, build a quiet and elegant atmosphere, make the person sinking calm air, and can extend the endless speculation.

                                              ▼店铺中心位置的天井,patio at the centre of the store

                                              ▼天井弥补了原建筑中间采光不足,在一天中的不同时间,天井投下的光还会让店内呈现出不同的明暗变化,the patio, not only fix the problem of insufficient light in the original structure, it can also make the store‘s tone changed at different times of the day

                                              ▼天井细部,patio detail


                                              Return to daily, stripping unnecessary external decoration, borrow from design to the natural into the building, let time to simmer it boil a kind of art, can be quiet space to reshape the temperature of time.

                                              ▼室内细节,interior detail

                                              ▼一层平面,first floor plan

                                              ▼二层平面,second floor plan

                                              项目名称:FN JI梵几
                                              联系邮箱:[email protected]
                                              主创:李超 陈志曙
                                              设计团队:朱毅 吴圣辉 江伟 陈志江
                                              A party: FN JI Vatican a few
                                              The design unit:EAST TO WEST
                                              Construction area: 536 m²
                                              Soft outfit design: FN JI teams
                                              Photography: Xu xiaodong

                                              More:東形西見(联系方式|contact:[email protected]

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