Hangzhou Five Star Kindergarten Reconstruction Project, China by Hangzhou Sanri Interior Design

                                              The mixed colors gathering area and the hillside playground space

                                              Project Specs


                                              非常感谢来自杭州三日室内设计 对gooood的分享。
                                              Appreciation towards Hangzhou Sanri Interior Design for providing the following description:


                                              For a kindergarten, which carries the hope and the future, where growth begins. It should be untroubled and carefree, safe and secure.

                                              ▼幼儿园俯瞰图,the top view of the kindergarten


                                              The five star kindergarten is located in the city centre, the surroundings were residential areas, the outer walls were all painted gray. So when we first saw it, we agreed that the kindergarten should be white, embellished and decorated with colors. Therefore, we demolished all the surrounding walls and made a new white and round perimeter with the newly designed logo, more suitable for a kindergarten environment.

                                              ▼“调色盘”集会区域俯瞰图,the top view of the mixed colors gathering area


                                              The previous playground entrance had two sweet scented trees at its sides, a pine tree and a willow tree. So, because there was not a proper area defined to gather the children for the weekly flag raising ceremony, because the lawn couldn’t grow well under the trees shades and because during springtime the willow tree would produce catkins which were not good for children with respiratory diseases, we decided to abandon the no good looking pine tree and the unsuitable willow tree. In front of the flagpole we designed a mixed colors gathering area resembling the five star kindergarten logo.

                                              ▼“调色盘”集会区域,图案设计类似五星幼儿园LOGO,the mixed colors gathering area resembling the five star kindergarten logo


                                              The five star bridge is a setting we designed, where one half is a passage and slides, while the other half are painting boards. The fruit trees that originally were under the sun of the first floor were then transplanted to the the five star bridge. This way the children could experience the fun of picking fruits next to the bridge during the harvest season; while playing with slides and painting during peaceful moments.

                                              ▼集会区域和五星桥,the gathering area and the five star bridge

                                              ▼五星桥,一半是桥和滑梯,另一半是涂鸦板,the five star bridge, one half is a passage and slide, while the other half is the painting board

                                              ▼五星桥局部,桥身下设有涂鸦板,partial view of the five star bridge with painting boards under the bridge body


                                              ▼五星桥和山坡游戏空间,the five star bridge and the hillside playground space

                                              ▼山坡游戏空间,设置圆顶形天窗,the hillside playground space with dome-like skylight

                                              The hillside meets the stimulation that the children are looking for. As the classes are over, the children can rush to the hillside and play happily together. The “linear tunnel” allows the children to go straight to the world that belongs to them right after class; the “cross tunnel” has a skylight that let them to play their favorite peekaboo game inside and outside the tunnel. Of course, strips of fiber lamps are added inside the tunnel walls to avoid the children to feel claustrophobic.

                                              ▼孩子们在山坡的天窗处玩耍,children play at the skylight space of the hillside playground space


                                              Interactive window in the corridor. The previous corridor railing were made by solid concrete and the children above the second floor had to go downstairs to see the playground. The parents couldn’t as well see the children on the second and third floor, therefore where the structure allowed, we opened rounded holes in between the columns and installed double layered glass. The renewed corridor was much brighter than the original and the children were willing to look down through the round windows.

                                              ▼明亮的二层走廊空间,设有双层玻璃的互动式圆孔窗,the bright corridor on the second floor with interactive round window made of double layered glass

                                              ▼双层玻璃的互动式圆孔窗细节,details of the interactive round window made of double layered glass

                                              ▼总平面图,site plan

                                              ▼剖透视图,perspective section

                                              设 计 方:杭州三日室内设计
                                              项目设计 & 完成年份:2018.03-2018.08
                                              设计组(成立于2018年4月,杭州三日室内设计于2018年3月接到五星幼儿园许园长的设计邀约):ARCHITECT CUBE CO., LTD. Tokyo JAPAN、SUNDAY INTERIOR DESIGN、川口英俊(日本)、王 今(空间设计)、王 戈(平面设计)、董润诚(团队)。
                                              主创及设计团队:王晶、王戈、川口英俊(主案)/ 董润诚(团队)

                                              Project Name: Hangzhou Five Star Kindergarten Reconstruction Project
                                              Design Party: Hangzhou Sanri Interior Design
                                              Project Design & Year of Completion: 2018-08
                                              The design team (established in April, 2018, Hangzhou Sanri Interior Design received a design assignment from the headmaster of the five star kindergarten in March, 2018): ARCHITECT CUBE CO., LTD. Tokyo Japan, SUNDAY Interior Design, Kawaguchi Handsome – Japan, Wang Jin-Space design, Wang Ge-The plane design, Dong Run Cheng-team.
                                              The main creative and design team: Wang Jing, Wang Ge (main case) / Dong Runcheng (team)
                                              Project address: Hangzhou Wuxing Kindergarten, No. 28-1, Zijinguan Alley, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
                                              Building area: 1000m2
                                              Photo copyright: Chen Liang
                                              Partner: Kawaguchi handsome
                                              Client: Hangzhou Five Star Kindergarten
                                              Brand: metal, permeable asphalt, simulated lawn

                                              More: Hangzhou Sanri Interior Design

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