Celebrate classic style and keep the unique modern Wabi-Sabi

                                              THE KNOWN in Shenzhen, China by Crossboundaries

                                              A prefab installation made of concrete, mirror and steel to derivate an UNKNOWN CITY

                                              Baitasi Hutong Gallery in Beijing, China by DnA_Design and Architecture Studio

                                              The curve segments and yards create a modern gallery in the historical Beijing context

                                              Under 35 – Liu Yang

                                              Deliver the ‘sensational architecture’ through a natural way. Find the starting point for the project back from heart.

                                              Kaleidos House by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

                                              A functional single-family home built in a lot with dimensions of 4 x 69 meters

                                              Mirri Site-Specific Sculpture by UAP

                                              The bold pattern and the vivid palette create a dazzling sculpture

                                              KASHIYAMA DAIKANYAMA by nendo

                                              Box-like units are stacked one on top of the other and overlapped horizontally

                                              SOLIDITY by YOY

                                              The empty and the solid

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                                                    “Sense of presence” by Yuxin Wu

                                                    The gentle blend and lyric expression of mood, body and place as a whole

                                                    Yuangu restaurant, China by Wuxu Architects

                                                    The serene enjoyment of life

                                                    Hangzhou Five Star Kindergarten Reconstruction Project, China by Hangzhou Sanri Interior Design

                                                    The mixed colors gathering area and the hillside playground space

                                                    Peak Fitness Center, China by CC_LTD

                                                    A platform for emerging lifestyles and social cultural spaces focused on health, well being and community

                                                    ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE WINNERS – EU MIES AWARD 2019

                                                    The Transformation of 530 Dwellings – Grand Parc Bordeaux is the 2019 Winner of the Prize

                                                    ∞: A Design for Aubyson, China by TO DESIGN

                                                    Symbols are applied throughout the space, design is full of infinity

                                                    VR STAR PARK, China by BOSI Space Design

                                                    In this irreversible trend of the times, science and technology, art and culture are interpreted with design thinking

                                                    Qishan Garden in Shenzhen, China by July Cooperative Company

                                                    A fantastic experience wandering in the pineland

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                                                    We are looking for you!(only in Chinese)

                                                    Grand Voyeux Natural Reserve by Territoires + Charles Henri TACHON + Nicolas Granger

                                                    Exploring in the nature, protecting in the exploration