(上海)法国AIA Life Designers建筑工程联合设计集团 – 高级设计师 Senior Architect / 资深室内设计师 Senior Interior Designer / 建筑师 Architect / 室内设计师 Interior Designer


                                              公司介绍 | About AIA Life Designers





                                              Founded in 1965 by a team of architects and engineers, AIA Life Designers is today a major multi-disciplinary consultancy company, providing a full range of combined expertise and services in architecture, engineering as well as in project management, urban planning and sustainable development.

                                              Thanks to its collective management of 22 partners and its 600 employees, AIA Life Designers is able to offer a high level of commitment and know-how in sectors where the specificity of the activities and the complexity of the functions require innovation and synergy between architectural design, engineering, and many specialized fields of expertise.

                                              With its strong track record of international references in varied markets, such as healthcare, hospitality, office, sports, residential, industry…AIA Life Designers is recognized for the design of inspired, innovative and its high quality facilities.

                                              AIA Life Designers maintains several offices in France (the main offices are in Paris, Nantes and Lyon). Since 2012, by creating branches in Shanghai and Beijing, AIA Life Designers has been active in varied projects on the Chinese market with its innovative vision of architecture.


                                              公司项目 | Projects

                                              ▽中国北京 / 北京协和医院, CHINA / BEIJING, BEIJING XIE-HE HOSPITAL

                                              ▽广东珠海 珠海市环保生物质热电工程项目, CHINA / ZHUHAI, ENVIRONMENTAL BIOMASS THERMAL POWER PROJECT

                                              ▽浙江宁波 / 鄞州区生活垃圾焚烧发电厂, CHINA / NINGBO YINZHOU DISTRICT DOMESTIC WASTE INCINERATION POWER GENERATION FACTORY

                                              ▽法国南特 / 农业信贷银行, FRANCE / NANTES, BANK CREDIT AGRICOLE

                                              ▽广东珠海 / 珠海市妇女儿童医院 CHINA / ZHUHAI WOMAN-CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL

                                              ▽摩纳哥 / 格蕾丝公主医院, MONACO / PRINCESSE GRACE HOSPITAL

                                              ▽法国巴黎 / 圣约瑟夫医院,FRANCE / PARIS, FONDATION HOSPITAL ST-JOSEPH

                                              ▽中国上海 / 美丽田园上海外滩源抗衰中心,CHINA / SHANGHAI, BEAUTY FARM SHANGHAI BUND SOURCE ANTI-AGING CENTER  


                                              招聘职位 | Job Vacancies

                                              O 高级建筑师 Senior Architect

                                              1. 5-7年工作经验,建筑学相关专业本科或以上学历, 对项目流程有完整、清晰的认识,了解国家及地方建筑规范,具有独立完成项目的能力;
                                              2. 有较强的沟通、协调与组织能力,能与业主有效沟通,汇报,并协调团队工作, 负责与业主对接项目技术及工作计划等事宜;能同时与设计院或供应商等联络、沟通,跟踪项目进展,在设计各阶段完整贯彻设计理念;
                                              3. 有项目现场工作经验,对建筑构造及细部控制有一定掌控能力;
                                              4. 熟练使用制图及汇报排版等相关软件, 熟练掌握英语;
                                              5. 有医疗建筑或环境建筑设计经验者优先

                                              1. 5-7 years of professional practice, have a complete and clear understanding of the project process, understand the national and local building codes, the ability to independently complete the project,bachelor degree or above;
                                              2. Have strong communication, coordination and organization ability, can unite and guide the team to complete the design task, coordinate with client for the technical and schedule part of project, and communicate with institute and supplier for the process of project;
                                              3.Have on-site working experience, able to deal with structure and detail of project;
                                              4. Proficient in drawing and typographic software, Fluent in English;
                                              5. Experience in medical or factory building design will be preferred.

                                              O 资深室内设计师 Senior Interior Designer

                                              1. 5-7年建筑室内设计及现场指导工作经验,本科或以上学历,有医院空间、酒店空间等类型项目业绩者优先;
                                              2. 完整参与过室内项目的方案设计、配合各专业施工图设计、现场指导,直至完工交付的全过程;有独立组织全套施工图的能力,能够协调各专业设计工作,并具有审核全套施工图的能力; 具备创新设计思维,熟悉各类材料及工艺流程,对家具品牌和软装有深入了解;
                                              3. 有较强的沟通、协调与组织能力,能团结和引导团队完成设计任务;
                                              4. 熟练掌握英语,熟练掌握AutoCAD, Sketchup,Rhino, 3Dmax, Photoshop等设计软件。

                                              1. 5-7 years design & on-site experience in interior design, healthcare and hotel references is preferred, bachelor degree or above;
                                              2. Fully involved in the whole process of interior design project, including helping the design of construction drawings, site guidance and the delivery of the project; have the ability to organize independently a full set of construction drawings, to coordinate all the professional work, and to check the full set of drawings; innovative, familiar with all kinds of materials and process, have a good knowledge of the furniture brand and soft fitted;
                                              3. Have strong communication, coordination and organization ability, can unite and guide the team to complete the design task;
                                              4. Fluent in English, familiar with AutoCAD, Sketchup, Rhino, 3Dmax, Photoshop and other design software.

                                              O 建筑师 Architect

                                              1. 建筑学本科及以上学历,有外资公司工作经验者优先;
                                              2. 2-5年工作经验,有医疗项目设计经验者优先,英文流利;
                                              3. 有项目现场工作经验者优先,对建筑构造及细部设计有一定了解, 能配合项目建筑师完成方案设计及汇报文件;
                                              4. 有扩初及施工图设计经验者优先;
                                              5. 熟练掌握AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop, Lumion等设计软件, 热爱设计,工作认真;

                                              1. Bachelor Degree in Architecture or above, working experience in a foreign company is preferred;
                                              2. 2-5 years working experience (experience in Healthcare design a plus), fluent in English;
                                              3. On-site working experience is preferred, know about structure and detail of project, able to assist project architect for concept design and report layout;
                                              4. Experience of expanding design and construction drawing is preferred;
                                              5. Strong design skills, familiar with AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop, Lumion and other design software, passion for architecture, diligence in the work;
                                              6. Good command of BIM (for example Autodesk Revit) is a plus.

                                              O 室内设计师 Interior Designer

                                              1. 室内设计或建筑本科及以上学历,有外资公司工作经验者优先;
                                              2. 2-5年工作经验,有大型项目设计经验者优先,英文流利;
                                              3. 熟练掌握AutoCAD, Sketchup,Rhino, 3Dmax, Photoshop等设计软件;
                                              4. 热爱设计,对建筑设计及细部控制有一定了解,工作认真。

                                              1. Bachelor Degree in interior design/architectural design or above, working experience in a foreign company is preferred;
                                              2. 2-5 years working experience (experience in large scale design a plus), fluent in English;
                                              3. Strong design skills, familiar with AutoCAD, Sketchup, Rhino, 3Dmax, Photoshop and other design software;
                                              4. Passion for design and construction details, diligence in the work.


                                              如何申请 | How to apply

                                              申请者可将英文版求职信、个人简历和作品集发送至我们的招聘邮箱[email protected],并按如下格式书写邮件标题“谷德-申请职位-姓名”。

                                              Applicant should send to [email protected].cn with cover letter + resume + Portfolio, application in bilingual, otherwise it can not be considered.