关于东木 | About TOMO

Company Spirit

设计 – 令平凡未知
Design – make plain unknown


What’s the best design?
There are a thousand answers in a thousand designer’s eyes. I always think design means plan and calculation. When the background of the project and business environment is very complicated, the designer has to trace the essence of business project and make a long-term mature layout for unique creation. They seek to create space value and a new experience with design.

Company Introduction


TOMO INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM is founded in Shenzhen-the capital of the design in China. It is a professional design company integrating interior design, environmental design and soft decoration design. At the same time, it can design for business place, club, villa and sample room. In addition to leading international designers, our company also includes team members who are from top domestic art and design institutes with rich practical experience.

Founder- Uno Chen

东木筑造事务所创办人。出生于中国设计之都-深圳,近些年创办了深圳本土的东木设计事务所;事务所提供国际化的 “室内设计”“整体规划”“空间顾问”以及环境设计&软装设计等设计服务;感觉驱动是源于设计师陈贤栋的一种基于理性思维的设计态度,以室内设计业务为主,曾经手多项知名企划案,受到各方注目,与此同时其大部分的作品也曾荣获国内外多项设计大奖。

Uno Chen is the founder of TOMO INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM. He is born in Shenzhen- the capital of the design in China. Several years ago, he founded the Shenzhen native TOMO INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM. The company provides international “interior design”, “overall planning”, “space consultant” and design services such as environmental design & soft fitting design. Feeling driven is a rational attitude based on design attitude of designer Uno Chen. The main business of Uno Chen is interior design. He had made many famous projects which attracts many people’s attention. Meanwhile, most of his works have won many design awards at home and abroad.


公司项目 | Projects

▽魔杰电竞/ Magic Contest

▽NOVA网咖/ NOVA Internet cafe

▽QR-时尚体验店/ QR- fashion experience shop

▽郑州电影院/ Zhengzhou cinema

▽食治餐厅/ Shokuji Restaurant

▽长沙 第一湾/ Changsha first Bay

▽SUGAR 体验店/ SUGAR experience store

▽研成控股办公室/ YanCheng Holdings Office


招聘职位 | Opening Jobs

O 室内设计师 | Interior Designer

1. 室内设计相关专业本科及以上学历,两年及以上工作经验;
2. 具备优秀的室内设计与表达能力,有丰富的方案深化和各专业协调配合的经验
3. 能熟练运用AutoCAD、Photoshop等软件;
4. 有施工图设计及驻场经验者优先
5. 有会所、酒店与文化类项目的设计经验者优先;
6. 有国外留学和工作经历优先。

1. Major in related interior design, Bachelor’s degree or above, 2+ years of working experience.
2. Excellent interior design and representation skills, experience in design development and coordination with consultants.
3. Skilled in software including AutoCAD, Photoshop and etc.
4. Experience in construction document and administration is preferred.
5. Experience in hospitality and cultural design is preferred.
6. Experience in Overseas studies and working experience

O 深化设计师 | Deepen Designer


1. 室内专业本科以上学历;
2. 三年以上室内设计相关工作经验;
3. 具有较突出的方案设计创作能力,能独立完成室内设计项目全过程;
4. 有高度责任心及积极的工作态度,可以独立完成设计工作和具备多团队沟通协调能力;
5. 具备团队整合经验及超群的沟通技巧;
6. 熟练运用相关设计绘图软件 AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, PowerPoint。

Job description: Executing and assisting in design and communication process of interior projects, including project coordination, production of 2D/3D drawings and models, diagrams and presentation materials.

1. Major in interior design, Bachelor’s degree and above in interior design.
2. At least 3 years experience in interior design. Able to independently carry out an interior project through all stages.
3. Strong critical thinking and creative design skills. Proactive and passionate attitude, able to work independently and collaboratively with multiple teams.
4. High sense of responsibility and positive working attitude, can complete the design work independently and have the ability of multi-team communication and coordination.
5. Team integration experience and excellent communication skills.
6. Proficient in software such as AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, PowerPoint.


申请方式 | Application Ways

请将简历及作品集(PDF格式)以附件形式发送至邮箱:[email protected]

Please send your CV and Portfolio in PDF as attachment to [email protected]. Please remark the job position you applied for in the email subject

简历投递(E-mail):[email protected]